BackaBuddy, like me – Personal Message

I am Emile, the founder of Third Wave Records and a recording studio in Zonnebloem Cape Town, I also play in two bands called Die Bergies and Chongo Lolos which have been active since 2020. I was born in raised in Pretoria and when I finished high school, I spent about eight years living in London where I studied music formally and played in various bands around London.

I officially returned to South Africa in 2017 where I started pursuing my music career locally. In July 2020 I was given €2000 by a donor from Germany and so the journey of Third Wave Records Began… 

We built a recording studio in an Office with the help of a Zimbabwean by the name of Ephimarco Zimbi with limited equipment and resources. Since then we have been involved in numerous projects. 

If you want to support me, please hit the button bellow which will take you to the BackaBuddy website. Thanks for your interest!

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